How can I optimize my website speed

How Can I Optimize My Website Speed?

Website speed directly impacts user experience as it gives the first impression about your business. A second is all it takes to either lose a potential customer or win one over.

When it comes to converting web visitors, there are fine margins involved.

For instance, research shows that a second delay in your website’s loading speed can cause you to lose up to 7% conversions, 11% fewer page views and as high as 16% reduction in customer satisfaction.

A few extra seconds will have enormous impacts on your ability to hold visitors and make sales. This means it is essential to optimize your website speed, not only to rank well but to increase profit and stay in business.

There are numerous platforms that you can use to optimize your website speed rapidly. For example, SiteSpeedyUp is a leading site optimization platform that helps you boost your site speed and ensure it loads faster.

With a seasoned team of developers with years of experience and thousands of sites optimized, your website can score up to 97 in site speed measurement.

With a promise of 100% money-back if agreed targets are not met, SiteSpeedyUp will optimize your website speed and help you retain and increase your web visitors, reduce bounce rate, eliminate downtime, and significantly boost conversion rate in record time.

How can I optimize my website speed

How to Optimize Website Speed to Increase Conversions

If you do not optimize your website speed, you will end up killing conversions. A study has shown that 47% of your customers expect your website to load in two seconds or even less.

40% will abandon your website and seek alternatives from your competitors if your website takes three seconds or more to load.

This means that you lose almost half of your web visitors before you even get the chance to show them what you offer. That poses a huge setback to your chances of conversions.

It does not end there; the ones that decide to stay may not come back in future. In a recent study, about 80% of customers said they would not return to a website with poor performance.

You may have the best products and services in the market or the best content anyone could ask for, but with a slow website, you will never get the chance to show your potential customers you have what they want.

The faster a webpage is, the more likely you are to convert a visitor. Platforms like SiteSpeedyUp and the likes are solely committed to ensuring you optimize your website speed to the maximum capacity it can get.

This platform has a team made up of expert developers with more than a decade of experience in website speed optimization and more than a thousand sites optimized.

Many happy site owners are now generating unmatched traffic on their page, boosting conversion rate to all-time high every day, and you also can be a part.

How can I optimize my website speed

Why Should You Optimize Your Site Speed?

We have earlier pointed out some reasons why you should optimize your website speed. Now let us consider them amongst others. With SiteSpeedyUp, you will enjoy the following website optimization and performance features:

  1. Improved User Experience

An optimized website is key to improving the experience of your web visitors and customers. When you offer a smooth and seamless experience, customers will want to come back.

Improved user experience will also increase customer loyalty. Web visitors will always come back to your page if they enjoyed the last time they were there. This will increase the number of people that bookmark your webpages.

  • Reduces Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that leave your site after viewing only one page.

Surely when you do not optimize your website speed to make it load faster, many visitors won’t make it past the homepage. Therefore, they will not get to see what you have to offer.

  • Search Engine Optimization and Rankings

Search engines like Google and the likes do not like slow websites. Also, if your site is not optimized, there will be high bounce rates.

When Google algorithms pick this up, it will be adjudged that your site is not relevant or useful because people are leaving almost as soon as they came.

This will affect your rankings in the list of search results when people look for the things related to your business.

However, you do not have to worry about that any more. With SiteSpeedyUp, you can boost your website rankings to be part of the first few search results.

  • Increase Traffic

44% of customers in a survey said they tell their friends about poor website experiences. This means there will be reduced traffic.

However, by optimizing your site speed, you will increase the number of people that come to your site. Besides new visitors, there will also be returning customers who were pleased with their previous experience on your site.

  • Eliminate Downtime

Also, if you do not optimize your website speed, you will experience frequent downtimes. This does not have to be any more. You can eliminate regular website crashes by optimizing site speed.

The dangers of a slow site are innumerable and not something you should risk. Today, you can connect with a no-result, no-pay platform like SiteSpeedyUp and optimize your website speed to retain customers and boost revenue like never before.

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